April – Check

How do I begin to write about a month that was filled with as much celebration as heartache?!?

Celebration :

Completing 6 weeks of pre season

Turning the wonderful age of 24

Officially kicking off our 2010 season

My beautiful 10 month old niece, Anaiah, taking her first steps (see all the way below)

Throwing out the first pitch at the White Sox game

Experiencing my life long dream of a carriage ride through the amazing city of Chicago (even if it was pouring down rain and we tipped the driver more than the actual ride)


One and only –


I know the celebrations out number the heartache but when you’re invested so much in one thing, its hard to see through the growing pains. I say growing pains because that is what every team goes through at the start of the season.  We all fought through the pre seasons, finalizing rosters, pushing for that extra sprint, pulling for one more pull up, etc. What did not kill us undoubtedly made up stronger 🙂 cheesy cliche CHECK

To continue on that point, the best way for me relate it to you all, is by comparing it to my extra curricular activity ……………….. playing the piano …………………..easy folks

I love to play the piano. Its something that my mom FORCED me to do when I was younger and now I love her that much more for making me take the lessons! (Yes moms, I give you permission to show this to your kiddies)

Anyways, last night I was trying to learn Halo by Beyonce. The song takes up about three pages of sheet music. No matter if I went through two pages brilliantly or one bar, ONE wrong note instantly took away from the beauty of the melody.

Or maybe a better example is when you are with your closest friends,  belting out your favorite song, and you hit the last note with the wrong word ;/ One note, one wrong pass, one miscommunication can change celebrating to heartache.

Regardless – one month check – 3 games check – and the booming confidence that we will not only make it to the playoffs but also contend for the championship game – CHECK

Funny story – always gotta end the blog with a bang –

My new years resolution this year was to either do a half hour of Spanish a day or play the piano for 30 minutes (I have kept it up this far). Whether it has been me doing Rosetta Stone or working from a text book, I haven’t felt like I have been able to interact publicly with all the knowledge I have consumed. lol

So after some doing some research,  I decided to enroll in a local “intermediate” class.  As I approached the classroom for the first time the only noise I could hear were of two women speaking FLUENT Spanish. Ill be honest, my initial reaction was to take off run back down the stairs. However,  I know that I am way too frugal to forget about the money I just payed for the class ha

Once I was finally inside, I was quickly met by Kim, my other classmate and my maestra (teacher) Maria. Kim was born and raised in  Chile and just wants to freshen up on her past tense before she moves back there. Where Maria is a recent Chicago resident who needs to learn English as much as we need to learn Spanish!

Even though I felt out of my league, I was shocked that I could actually understand most of what they were saying. After an hour and half of them speaking and me responding in “spanglish” we finished the class by writing 5 questions in the past tense.

Now, remember this was our first class.  So for most of it we were just introducing ourselves with hitting all aspects of our lives; family, profession, where we grew up, where we live now, etc.

(that info is needed to defend what I am about to write)

To make a long story short, I somehow ended up asking Maria “what day did your husband and you make your baby” compared to “what day was your baby born.”   I literally didn’t even get to finish my sentence before I saw tears whelling in Maria’s eyes and Kim falling on the floor laughing,

Needless to say, the ice was broken and it’s been a very open format since.

Adoro mi clase de espanol.

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