Let the Baking Begin…

“Sometimes we strive so hard for perfection that we forget that imperfection is happiness.”

What a great quote for cooking!!! You might laugh but it’s the only thing allowing me to mention my disastrous banana bread attempt this week.

I could try and blame it on the fact that the recipe called for ingredients only in Norwegian. However, when you see sugger on a package, it’s pretty easy to understand what it means :/

I keep telling myself it was because I mixed up the ingredients but it was a simple miss calculation… agghhh I don’t even want to say what I did….

Wait for it…..

Take in the picture of me actually doing it right with my 2nd attempt!!! Yum yum yum

Seriously – the 2nd time was delicious and I even put in some chocolate chips


Don’t Judge…


K –  blllaaahhh – I put in 4 tsp of baking soda instead of 1

My defense:

We do not have any type of measuring utensils and I figured a spoon full would be about right. So I added the ¼ tsp of salt, one spoonful (first mistake). Than I somehow assumed that when it asked for 1 tsp of baking soda, 4 spoonfuls would equal that. Yes my math was in fine shape but my portions were skewed.

The batter tasted delicious, yet as I tasted it after it was baked I had an instant gag reflex. Of course, I thought it was a bad bite. Nope, did it again and gagged again. Unfortunately my roommates had worse reactions with literally almost puking it back up. OOOOPPPS

Yal it was so bad that I left one outside for the raccoons, squirrels, and birds to eat it – three days later, still there ….

REMEMBER: “Sometimes we strive so hard for perfection that we forget that imperfection is happiness.”

2nd time is a charm after they made me eat it before them to show I did not gag ha

Anyways – with having quite a bit of down time here (practice once a day in the evening) I have set out some time to complete weekly activities – they go as followed:

(Mar and Pinoe – don’t worry wall ball is of course included just not to public ha

1) Cooking/baking at least three times a week: (this week)

–    Banana bread (twice)

–    Made spring rolls from scratch – turned out really well, even made peanut sauce from nada – you should try it ;

  • Just need peanut butter, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar or sugger and mess              around w/ it until you find a good consistency for you.

2) Piano/Guitar playing:

–  I have been playing the piano since I was young and brought over my song book of 1990 Love Songs (duh) – Mariah Carey/Boys II Men – amazing!!!

– The only downside of playing the piano is that you can’t easily travel with it. So, I found a teacher and meet with him once a week for Guitar lessons. “Free Falling”and “You Look Wonderful Tonight” are on them chopping block for week one.

I usually don’t like to make fun of myself, but honestly, if my fingers were only that much bigger ha – G to C is NOT fun and that’s not even adding in the F or B cord ;/

3) Spanish/Reading –

–    An hour a day at least. Whether that is half hour of Spanish/half hour of good old Bible reading – it’s a must

Anyone want to skype in Spanish?!?! 🙂  Not the easiest thing to find a Spanish speaking native in Norge.  Ha

That is pretty much the basics of my first two weeks here. That, of course, is my non-related soccer activities.

As I mentioned above, practice is only in the evening.  The reason for that is because all the girls either have work or are attending school. One of the best things about Norway, well to me, is that the schooling is free and on a much quicker track. They are done with high school when they are 16, in college for two years, and than done with their “specialty” by 22/23.

For instance, two of my teammates are already licensed Physical Therapists at 23. They finished studying when they were 22 and than just have to completed their one-year internship. That’s pretty crazy to think about when the US is thousands and thousands of dollars plus a good 7 years of school.

I also started training with the U18 boy’s Academy team on Tues/Thurs morning.  Academy just means they are with part of the youth program of the men’s professional club here in Lillestrom. They’re pretty amazing. The worst part about training with any boy or men’s team is getting past the first look. You can ask any women’s soccer player that goes plays with boys. The first practice is always the hardest because their immediate approach to you is that you are a joke. This is the most insulting thing you can portray to a women’s athlete, especially a women’ that plays for a living (MEN, re-read, re-read, re-read)! However on the positive side, it makes it that much sweeter when you meg one or knock them on their hinny.

To sum it up – I megged one, knocked one down, and did a little jig after … ha  j/k

Bring on Tuesday boys, BRING it ON.

Funny Story:

Living in Lincoln Park has been incredible this year. I would definitely say it is my favorite part of Chicago. The only downfall was my apartment. The space itself was amazing but we only had one bathroom on the first floor and my bedroom was on the 2nd.

One of the worst things in the world is having to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom knowing you have to walk down and back up stairs.  Especially when you still have a good two or three hours of sleep left.

It is also the reason I was so excited to come to Norway. Two months of no stairs to use the bathroom. …………….. NOT

I do NOT only  have a bathroom on my floor, but it is down in one of the scariest stairways and basements I have EVER seen.  I am convinced Freddy Cougar is staying in one of the rooms. I am not kidding – I literally will not go down the stairs unless I have a broom in one hand and ultra bug killing spray in the other (i.e. Windex)!!!

My first night there, I,  of course had to use the restroom in the middle of the night. As I turned on the light to walk through the hallway I saw one of the biggest spider of my life! It was so big that there was no way I could walk around it to use (see pict below) the darn bathroom.

I have not screamed so loud since I watched Scream in middle school. It proceeded to wake up my roommates who came rushing down because they thought someone broke in – still feel bad for that one. Ha

Oh and we won our game on Saturday. The team was not very good, 4-0. I notched a goal but should have had a couple more. Tomorrow is the real test with our semis in the Cup Final.

Tom at 8 am, 3 pm our time everyone say a couple of prayers – we will be taking on Roa for all the marbles.

Ha det bra

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