No matter how badly you want to explain something, sometimes words are not enough.

So this week I have decide to share three videos with you. I unfortunately could not get them to load to my blog but if you click on each link below – you can go straight to Youtube to watch them – don’t worry they are short and sweet.

1) This is the “inside” view of our training facility. With it being in the 30s and raining almost everyday – being inside is a massive plus. It doesn’t hurt either that I have the key and can go in whenever I want. Heaven?!? 😀

2) When I came over here two years ago, I had the privilege of taking Norwegian lessons with one of the girl’s father on the team…. Yet, two years later, I still suffer from the same issues; the Norwegians darn extra 3 letters …. agghhhh The name we are trying to say is spelled Lene (e is pronounced like an a) and is, of course, the father’s daughter. If you literally DO NOT want to pull your hair out by the end of it – I am not sure what’s wrong with you ha Makes me frustrated even watching it …

As you can see from above, I am OBVIOUSLY saying it right!  Norwegians just need their hearing checked…

3) With us playing Tuesday against Roa, unfortunately lost 2-1 – I scored but not was not enough, we had this weekend off. So on Friday I got invited,  by one of my old teammates, to  join her for gym for a “friendly” competition.

Suppose to be posing

Somehow that turned into a 40 minute fitness/dance routine (kind of like Zumba) and a series of physical draining “events.” What I thought was going to be a leisurely workout, turned into me sprinting on a treadmill for FOUR minutes, caring 45 pound plates through an obstacle course, rowing with my team for 8 minutes, doing as many dips as possible, and finishing with long jump.

No likey!!!

I am still sore from the dips and still shaking my head to how I even got myself into that mess.

AND to my defense on my lack of dancing, I did NOT know she was filming – was just getting warmed up ya dig. . .  ha

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