Mount Everest…

This picture pretty much sums up my week. Don’t worry (Grams) my leg is fine. Klepp’s (team we played on Saturday) center back just wanted to officially welcome me to Norway, ha. The good news is that we won 2-1 and I had the game winner. Bad news, I do not think I have played a worse game in two years, aghhh, thank heavens I scored! Not kidding

That is actually one of the bonuses and downfalls of being a striker. I mean, in what other sport can you have an absolute nightmare of a game and then it’s forgotten with a moment of brilliance?! However, on the other side, if you have too many games without the golden boot, you can easily find yourself on the bench keeping your coach nice and warm.

Any hoo, I wish I could pinpoint a reason why this week has been such a struggle. The only thing I could think of was that this was my “hump week.” I have now been here for four weeks, which I know is nothing, but lets face it – I am not exactly a season veteran with being away from home.

I mean come on guys, I went to the University in my hometown, and play pro two hours north. lol I will defend myself with stating, it was not my primero eleccion (choice) to stay home for all those years.  I can still remember collecting all my high school VHS tapes and sitting in front of my TV trying to make a highlight reel. Gosh, did I think I was the best thaaaanng since sliced bread. Yep, said it…. and I am also admitting that I only sent my tapes to all the big dogs  – Portland, UCLA, San Diego, Penn State (I know, my bad), etc.

You know how many I heard back from?!? A big fat zero, zilch … ha

After many years of bitterness (exaggeration) I have realized this was the best thing that could have happened to me. Thank heavens for good old Saint Jan (Janet Rayfield) and THE Marcia McD (GM) taking a chance on me! Lord knows where I would be today if those two did not get their hands on me.  Tusen Takk. Tusen takk. Tusen Takk.

Don’t get me wrong; the girls have been amazing here. They have all gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable and a part of the team. When you only have practice so many hours of the day, you’re at a clear disadvantage ha. Also, it does not help that I grew up in a family of 3. “Me” time has simply never been a priority or specialty of mine.

Can’t even really believe I am complaining right now. Hopefully you just skimmed over that. Ha On the positive side in less than 48 hours my dad is getting on a plane to come visit me! Mark your calendar, stop the clocks, pinch yourself to make it real – the old man is coming to Oslo!!!!

When I say a couple of days, I literally mean 4 days ha. His flight back to the states leaves at the staggering hour of 6 in the morning on Sunday. Makes me shiver thinking about having to get up at 3 am to take him back to the airport. Oh well, even with the early wake up, I am still so excited for him to come and see this part of my life. He has always been such a huge supporter of me and it will be good for us to hang out for a bit. I don’t remember the last time it was just Dad and I.

Again, don’t you worry; the funny stories and pictures will be coming in ten folds. With him turning 60 last year, the fam decided to buy him a nice camera for his b-day – what a mistake! We all know how dad’s can be with being proud fathers and capturing “all” the great moments, right!?!

Well my father is THAT man on steroids. He has gotten so bad that he doesn’t even look through the camera anymore; he just puts his finger on the button, and takes it from his chest. He calls it the “action shots” ha, oh Pop. . .

So wish us luck. Hopefully Wednesday we won’t get too lost in downtown Oslo with all of our sight-seeing.

We also take on the number one team, Stabek, this weekend. We should almost sell out our stadium, which will be cool for him to experience. If he had the choice he would eat, breathe, and live footy.

Enjoying my roommate’s brother’s studly, national team keeper, professional soccer game!

Funny story:

With our game being an hour plane ride away this Saturday, we did not get home til pretty late. This was also the night we were having a “reunion” with two of my teammates from my first time here.

Literally, as soon as we got off the plane we were on the jog to change and meet everyone at one of the girl’s (Hege) apartments. The reason I am informing you of this minuet detail is because through this “rushing” process we forgot to plan how I was going to get home later that night.

At times, with not having a car here, getting from point A to point B can be a bit of a hindrance  (i.e. TUNNEL incident). Anyways, we were so pressed with time that we simply did not think about it. So as 3 rolled around, yes 3 am, we were in a little bit of a pickle.

Now, I am of age, however I did not drink that night. Regardless, that did not help out one bit with finding a way home. I could of course stayed there, yet Hege has a beautiful 14-month-old son that you cannot push snooze on after 6 am. Hmmmmm,  no thank you ha

Two choices:

1)    Call for a cab

2) Ride Hege’s bike home.

I know this seems like a pretty easy decision for most of you, but when the cab costs 250 kroner aka 80 dollars for 2 miles – I think this changes your decision!!! Just so we are clear on the math, that averages out to about 20 dollars for every half-mile!

Biking it was! The only itsy bitsy issue was that the shortest way home was cutting through the darkest, scariest woods you can imagine, and relying on a slightly inebriated young woman’s directions for the rest of the way.

Even though my legs were burning (remember we had a game only a couple of hours earlier) I have NEVER rode a bike so fast. Whether it was my own imagination or something watching me, Lance Armstrong would have had some competition! You can’t even begin to imagine the scary movie scenes that were running through my head!

That’s not even the best part, after I finally made it through Jason’s home territory (swear I saw a glimpse of his mask, definitely screamed at one point.) I found myself on top of Mount Everest. You literally could look out, see ALL of Norway, and touch the stars.

Okay, maybe not touch them, but it was breath taking nonetheless. I than proceeded to gleefully shout like a little schoolgirl, thrust my feet off the pedals, and fly down the mountain. Lance Armstrong meet Evil Kenvial.

To summarize – I am 110% happy with my decision of biking even if it entailed a near death experience with Jason and descending down Mt. Everest.

My question to you:

What did you accomplish Saturday night ?!?! 😀

Start the blog with beauty,  gotta end it with the same – not a bad pict huh, taken by yours truly 😀

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