OOOOOOooooooopppppsss (From start to end)

– My creepy roommate in the background – lol

Let me tell ya folks, if you EVER start your week off by accidentally (key word) breaking someone’s arm with your shot (soccer):  you should immediately begin to brace yourself for the “interesting” events to follow …

For example, if that was not bad enough, we got our butts absolutely handed to us this weekend. 6 to 1. Yep, 6 to 1 was the score of our game and it was NOT in our favor.

Have you ever experienced a nightmare you can’t wake up from?!? Well this was mine! In the first 35 minutes we were down 5-0. Lets repeat. FIRST 35 minutes, down 5  – 0!!!!!!!!!!! It got so bad, that after the 3rd goal I ran over to our coach, saying we needed to change something/anything. Not sure if it was the language barrier or what, yet nothing changed.

After the 4th goal,  the team got together and decided to change the formation.  I know this sounds incredibly ridiculous, however, something had to be done. From that moment on we held our ground, even put one away.

In my mind we only lost 2-1, not a bad trip after all, right?!? Aghhhhh, still can’t figure it out. I can’t remember ever being in a game, on either side of the coin, where 5 goals were scored in the first 35 minutes. I can say with a 100 % guarantee that I understand what the poor old Haiti and Guatemala team’s felt like after playing US ;/

Builds character right?!?

That, of course, did not help our mood on Saturday (played that morning) night when we were suppose to have our  “Halloween” party.

A little history –

The Norwegians don’t really celebrate Halloween here. So, two years ago, Lindsey (other American I came with) and I decided to show them a bit of what that night would consist of.

Two Years Ago – dressed as bag of Jelly Beans

We had the typical Halloween candy shipped over -Twix, Reese’s, Snickers, Candy Corn (Yuck), etc. We bought the pumpkins, carved them, and baked the seeds. Made the popcorn balls, Carmel apples, buckeyes (my fav), Goodie bars – pretty much a slice of heaven.

All the girls loved it and got really into it. They dressed up and somehow agreed to watch a scary movie. The night was perfect, until our coach Hege Riise (USA Assist. now) decided to sneak up and scare the hibbie jibbies out of us !!! Have to get her back for that one.

Anyways, this year, we decided to do it again. I am proud to say that it was a success, even with the earlier mishap. I baked the Goodie bars, made an apple crisp pie, carved the pumpkin, and baked the seeds.

The rest of the girls brought some treats, dressed up, and we finished the night with another scary movie,  “The Crazies.” With me being a huge whimp in the department, I was not a fan. Yet, it was still a blast to be with everyone and see them taking part in the holiday.

It’s funny, in the US many women enjoy this holiday because it is there excuse to dress up in skimpy clothes and not get a 2nd look (yes I did this too.) But here they actually dress up as actual scary things or creatures ha.

From the picture below you can see the “Evil Nurse”, the Lion thing, Witch, Ghost, and the Nun. What you can’t see on the – oh so scary Nun – is her fish net leggings. lol

Before I end this blog with telling you of my travel plans for next week, I have to tell you about this morning!!

On Monday mornings, I have the pleasure of joining the Norwegian Women’s team with a strength session. Well this am, as we walked into their “Olympic” training facility, we ran smack into the middle of Marit Bjoren’s training session.

Side note: with Norway being such a small country, they have one main gym where all their “Olympic” athletes train. The sports dealing with snow/ice/mountains are obviously some of their specialties. The place we go to lift is comparable to the Colorado Springs Olympic center. Meaning, its incredible and you are constantly surrounded by some of the best athletes in the world.

Neither picture is digitally enhanced in any way, trust me, I saw her less than 12 hours ago! She is considered THE best skier in Norway, and some could contest, at one point, the best in the world!

In layman terms, SHE is a BEAST! I have never really felt small compared to most women, but after watching her teammates  and her train, I have never felt so little.

You guys should have seen the things they were doing. At one point, they were balancing on a BOSU ball (half ball/balancing board) doing one-legged squats holding a 45-pound weight. Was absolutely remarkable the strength that they possessed!

I can’t even begin to comment on the men skiers that were there. Think I had to pick up my jaw at least three times today.

K, I have been at this coffee shop way too long today and its time for me to head home for some dinner. But, like I mentioned above, I have booked some travel for next week.

With us having our last game this weekend and me not flying back to the states til the 16th, I have decide to travel.

At 8 am this Sunday, I will be taking off to Paris. Then after a short visit there, 36 hours to be exact, I will be flying to Barcelona where I will meet up with Vero. I think you all might know her, the studly Spaniard?

I will hang with her til the 11th and then fly to see some good friends in Frankfurt til the 14th. Then I am back to Oslo, and home on the 16th!!! YAY

Am I little bit nervous with traveling alone, YES. Have I done that before, not technically. Yet, I know if I can just make it through Paris, where I have yet to book my night arrangements, I will be allllllll good.

Fingers crossed.

The best part about all of this is that my total airfare ONLY cost me 79 dollars. That’s right, four different countries, 79 bucks = thank you Ryanair!!!

Wish me luck – warning you now, my post next week might be a bit delayed 😀

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